I am an artist living in Austin, Texas. I work in watercolors, oils, and ink. I view my work primarily  as a means of connection with the people around me. The world offers a constant stream of distraction and diversion that I feel tends to drown out our shared experiences. My recent work is focused on speaking to those shared experiences, the little observations, vibrations, triumphs, and failures that we all face on a daily basis. With each piece I attempt to relate a moment or emotion that will engage the viewer in an empathetic fashion. It is my goal to remind the viewer that it is alright to not feel comfortable in one’s own skin because none of us are truly alone in that discomfort.

Traditionally, I have worked in oils focusing on large figure paintings, but have recently worked with increasing frequency in watercolors and inks. I have found that working in this medium has had a positive impact on my confidence as an artist, as it leaves little room for second-guessing: once the brush touches paper, the paint is committed in a way that an oil would not be. I also enjoy this because I feel it speaks to the central theme of my work, that it is better to move forward through acceptance of one’s self than to remain forever in a static state of incremental adjustment. The works featured in this series are smaller than most of my previous works, and I intended for them to be taken as a whole, composing a tapestry of minute thoughts and observations that suggest a larger continuity of feeling, but I cherish the fact that any single component of the series can be enjoyed on its own individual merits. It is my hope that this series will serve as a touchstone for my viewer, a reminder of the simple, little truths that connect us.

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